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Our History

Cocomats International, who is a pioneer in manufacturing and exporting of various coir products has been established with ISO 9001 certification and celebrating its Silver Jubilee (25 years) in export field is the holding company of Coco-Agri. Coco-Agri division is an ambitious project commenced by Cocomats International. Coco-Agri manufactures and specialized in wide range of Cocopeat products, Coconut husk chips, Coconut fiber, Coir Rope, Geotextiles and a complete floor Décor. Our products are manufactured by expert’s traditional craftsmen with the help of modern concepts and techniques. In addition to custom made products we can make any specification according to buyer’s choice

We strive to be the most innovative in our field, constantly we have the ways to innovate and improve our products to meet the changing demands of our customers. The company has always been a part of eco-friendly product exporting in the country to make the world Green.


Quality and Reliability

Coco-Agri provides a consistent quality in the products and our aim is to provide premium quality products to global customers with their specified requirements.

Our products are manufactured under stringent quality control standards. There is a team of professionals working to monitor each and every stage of production. There are systems in place to ensure that the client gets the best product.

The fibrous husk of the coconut is soaked in pits for softening and then beaten to extract the coir fibre used in the manufacture of ropes, mats, mattress and residual dust as Cocopeat. It is used as a replacement for traditional peat in soil mixtures, or, as a soil-less substrate for plant cultivation. Cocopeat is used for horticultural and agricultural applications and as industrial absorbent.

Coir Fibre Pith (CFP) is available compressed in 650g briquettes, 5kg blocks and 25kg bales by loading as floor and pallet stuffing or according to buyers choice. Ideal as a propagating substrate or blending with a good quality potting mix to maintain moisture content and reduce regular watering. A single kilogram of coco peat will expand to 15 litres of moist coco peat. Eg: 5kg Cocopeat will expand up to 75 liters…

Technologies We Use

We offer various range of Cocopeat Blocks as per the requirement of Buyer and Country as per the below technical details.

  • EC
  • PH
  • Compression
  • Volume after reconstitution
  • Seive
  • Lodability
  •        Pallet Stuffing
           Loose Stuffing.

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    “We choose Coco Agri a division by Cocomats International for their excellent quality and amazing service they provide us. Their service is outstanding and we don’t get it anywhere.”



    “My harvest has reacted well with Coco Agri Cocopeat products.”

    Peter Ducker


    “Coco Agri an ambitious project of Cocomats International is an Eco friendly growing medium and soil conditioner were we get good harvest.”

    Jim Rohan


    “We are happy about the Quality and service provided by Coco-Agri.”

    Denis Richard